Siam Mehraf

About Siam Mehraf

Siam Mehraf (1998-Present) is a Bangladeshi Author, Screenwriter, Film-Maker and Novelist. He is Known for Chotushkon (চতুষ্কোণ) and Nefartiti (নেফারতিতি).


Siam Mehraf was born in Barishal, Bangladesh (26th September of 1998). When he was a student, he had a hobby of Writing. It’s 18th January of 2015, when he first started the journey as a Writer. He has a lot of attraction on Stories and Novels. As he continues his writings, in the late of 2017 he realised that his main attraction is Thriller. As a result, he wrote a thriller titled as ‘Chotushkon‘. That was published as a PDF book to serve for free. But later on, he decided to publish ‘Chotushkon‘ as his first ever book in Ekushey Boi Mela 2020. The first book of him, ‘Chotushkon‘ was successful at the book fair.

Some days ago, when the whole world is suffering badly for COVID-19, he decided to write a new book. That book will be totally different from ‘Chotushkon‘. And later, he completed his new book, named ‘Nefartiti‘. He dedicated all the money from this book to the helpless people who are suffering for the recent circumstances of the world. The type of this book is Psychological Thriller. Now he published this book as a hardcover on the book fair 2021.

Besides, he also creates Video Contents and Acts in them too. The journey of his Youtube Channel had started for the purpose of his attraction on Acting and Videos. There he always works on his own Scripts.



  • Chotushkon (চতুষ্কোণ) (2020)

Chotushkon is a Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery & Detective Fiction. This book was published as a hardcover on February 2020.
ISBN : 978-984-511-126-3

  • Nefartiti (নেফারতিতি) (2021)

Nefartiti is a Psychological Thriller, Murder Mystery, Detective Fiction, Romantic Thriller. This book was published as a PDF/EPUB version. Now this book is published as a hardcover in the book fair on March 2021.
ISBN : 978-984-511-242-0

Short Films

Bohurupi (বহুরুপী)
Opurnota (অপূর্ণতা)
Kew Nei (কেউ নেই)
Golpo Kotha (গল্পকথা)

সিয়াম মেহরাফ

সিয়াম মেহরাফ

সিয়াম মেহরাফ একজন লেখক এবং গল্পকথক। তার বর্তমান মৌলিক বইয়ের সংখ্যা দুইটি। লেখালিখির পাশাপাশি অভিনয়ও তার আরেকটি প্যাশন।


এই ওয়েবসাইটটির সকল ছবি, লেখা এবং ভিডিও সিয়াম মেহরাফ দ্বারা সংরক্ষিত। ওয়েবসাইটটির কোনো তথ্য ক্রেডিট কিংবা কার্টেসি ছাড়া কপি না করার অনুরোধ রইলো।